India's detachment from its team participating in Kabaddi World Cup in Pakistan

India's detachment from its team participating in Kabaddi World Cup in Pakistan

Posted on Feb 11, 2020

Indian officials have expressed their detachment to their team coming to Pakistan to participate in the Kabaddi World Cup, saying no team was allowed for the tournament in Pakistan.

According to the India Times report, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) chief Narendra Batra had said, "They have no knowledge of a player who has gone to Pakistan, as neither the IOA nor the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) has approved a team to participate in the World Cup.

"The IOA did not approve and was not approved by the federation so I do not know who has gone and how many 60 or 100 I have," he said.

Narendra Batra said, "IOA member Kabaddi Federation has confirmed that they have not sent anyone and I have also seen the statement of the Ministry of Sports and they have not given any approval so I do not know who they are." And what's the story? '

According to the report, AKFI Administrator SP Garage also confirmed that the federation did not allow any team to participate in the Kabaddi World Cup in Pakistan and officials have disclosed that the players went on information only from India. Have gone

India's Kabaddi team arrived in Wagah Border Lahore on February 8 and Kabaddi is among the 10 participating teams in the Kabaddi World Cup 2020, but these statements by Indian authorities have sparked controversy.

According to his report, the Indian team participating in the global competition is required to notify the relevant sports ministry, which sends the application for approval to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs, even if the funding of this team is at the state level. Yes or no

Earlier, all the last 6 Kabaddi World Cups were hosted in India and the last Kabaddi World Cup was held in India in 2016.

Pakistan is globally prominent in the field of Kabaddi and is hosting the World Cup for the first time and eight-day tournament matches will be held in Lahore, Faisalabad, Kartarpur and Nankana Sahib.

Other teams coming to Pakistan to take part in the Kabaddi World Cup include India, Iran, Canada, Australia, Germany, Azerbaijan, England, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

It is understood that the Kabaddi World Cup started after a colourful event in Lahore on February 9 and Pakistan defeated Canada in the opening match.


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