I Accept Responsibility for the Defeat From New Zealand, Mohammad Rizwan

I Accept Responsibility for the Defeat From New Zealand, Mohammad Rizwan

Posted on Jan 7, 2021

Pakistan cricket captain Mohammad Rizwan has claimed responsibility for the worst defeat in a two-Test series against New Zealand, saying "we failed to play to our potential."

Answering questions after the Whitewash in the series, Mohammad Rizwan said, "First of all, I accept responsibility as a captain and a player because I have not been able to keep up to my potential." "Our fielding was not the way it should have been. To win a Test match, 20 players have to be out and catches are dropped, which is 25 to 30, and when the big teams Playing and dropping the catch of world number one Ken Williamson means he will score longer.

"We dropped catches, they played long innings and if we look at the whole match, we didn't play well in all three areas, but our bowlers gave us opportunities in the beginning but nowhere was luck," he said. Diya and dropped catches somewhere and that's why the match went away from us.

"We need to work in the most fielding, our batting is going up and down but we have talented players and there is less time for the next series but the players have to regain their form and confidence," said the acting Test captain. We will play well against South Africa.

"Our bowlers created opportunities and their morale has plummeted but they have tried. Still, there is a need for consistency in bowling," he said.

"The bowlers were aggressive. We can't say our bowling is number one but we need to improve because, in the end, we have to rest, we have to end it, we have the last one," he said. The session should have the same strength as in the beginning.

Referring to the New Zealand team, he said: "There is no doubt that Ken Williamson is the world number one, Latham and Daryl Mitchell have played very well, but if you look at their innings, they gave us opportunities. "The conditions here are tough for batting but they gave us opportunities but we dropped catches and he is world number one because if he gave a chance to such a big batsman, he would have made the match one-sided," he said.

Mohammad Rizwan said, "The biggest difference between the two teams was the bowling of Kyle Jameson as he was getting help on the pitch due to his tall stature and it was difficult to understand his bowling."


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