Hassan Ali suffered injury from gym training, not cricket: Azhar Mehmood

Hassan Ali suffered injury from gym training, not cricket: Azhar Mehmood

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Former national bowling coach Azhar Mehmood claims that inappropriate gym training has put Hassan Ali's fitness and his team at risk.

The former bowling coach of the national team described his tenure as satisfactory, saying the results were good during his tenure.

Azhar Mehmood claimed that fast bowler Hassan Ali's waist was lifted while lifting weights in the gym.

He said that Hassan Ali did not suffer from an injury while playing cricket at the ground, but this happened during a training session at the Injury Gym. 

He used to say, 'I am not using anyone's name but I am explaining the real causes of Hassan's fitness problems'.

The famous former all-rounder said that young players are getting lesser injuries because of the first-class experience because the more you bowl, the better.

He said first-class structures and Coca-Bora have to spell fast and spin bowlers with the ball, but this is good for fast bowlers as well.

Azhar Ali suggested increasing the number of teams in the first-class system from 6 to 10, as there are very few teams in Pakistan's population.

He said that the presence of 10 first-class teams would create a good system after which, from the bottom U-19 and U-16 level, I could get talent through the regular system.

Azhar Mehmood acknowledged that an intelligent fast bowler like Tabish Khan could not represent Pakistan unfortunately despite being extremely talented.

He said that as a bowling coach Pakistan when I become part of the team management, we asked for the best fast bowlers of the first class, and Tabish Khan and Sadaf Hussain were also included but we Selected Mohammad Abbas on his potential.

"Tabish is a very intelligent bowler, but sometimes luck is not with him," he said.


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