Gautam Gambhir Out of control at Afridi old statement, and call him Liar, and a traitor

Gautam Gambhir Out of control at Afridi old statement, and call him Liar, and a traitor

Former national team captain Shahid Afridi and former Indian opener have long been rivals to each other And despite the deviations from cricket, even outside the field, the two players have no chance to criticize each other.

There have been verbal clashes between the two players on various issues on various platforms, including social media.
 But this time Gambhir went out on his own on an old Pakistani all-rounder statement.

Shahid Afridi also commented in his book regarding Indian players, which has been debated once again in recent times.

Shahid Afridi had said that he enjoyed playing against Gautam Gambhir and Shen Warren as both players reacted to the clash.

He said that Gautam Gambhir has a problem with temperament, he has no personality, he has no outstanding records but a lot of temperament, He always has the attitude that he is Don Bradman and James Bond.

With the Coronavirus not being a sporting activity around the world, Afridi's phrases once again became a media buzzword.

Although the book was released last year, Gautam Gambhir, as soon as it was published on Indian media, went out of the way as usual and declared Shahid Afridi a liar and opportunist.

In his message on social networking site Twitter, Gautam Gambhir said that anyone who does not remember his age will remember my record.

Later in the same tweet, he accused Shahid Afridi of his outstanding performance in the 2007 World T20 final and Shahid Afridi was out on the Golden Duck.

He said that in Shahid Afridi, let me remind you that in the 2007 World T20 against Pakistan, Pakistan scored 75 runs in the final 54 balls and Afridi was out on the first ball at zero.

The former Indian cricketer said, "Most importantly, we won that cup and as far as temperament is concerned, I have a strong attitude against liars, opportunists, and traitors."

However, Gautam Gambhir, who blamed Afridi for poor performances, forgot that Shahid Afridi was the man of the match for both the semi-finals and finals of the next World T20 in 2009 and Pakistan had the honor of becoming a champion.

This is not the first time that a case has been raised between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir, but there have been serious clashes between the two star players on social media several times before.

There was a verbal clash between the two players even after India's special status of Kashmir was abolished, and on this occasion Gambhir left Afridi calling on his son, calling it civilization.

Shahid Afridi raised a voice for Kashmiris saying that according to UN resolutions, Kashmiris should be given their legitimate rights, like all of us, they should have the right to freedom. The ongoing aggression and crimes against humanity in Kashmir. Should take notice of.

Former Bharatiya opener and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP replied on this tweet by saying that Shahid Afridi is right, there is unprovoked aggression, humanity is committing crimes. He should be applauded for taking up the matter but he forgot to mention one thing that is happening in 'Kashmir of Pakistan'.


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