Fawad Alam Missed Selection in the National Team

Fawad Alam Missed Selection in the National Team

Despite a prolonged performance in domestic cricket, veteran cricketer Fawad Alam, who missed selection in the national team, has claimed that he is a favorite in the selection of players.

Fawad Alam has scored 11,830 runs in 162 first-class matches, including 32 centuries and 59 half-centuries.

Fawad Alam continued his formidable form this year and scored a century in the 7th round of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match against Northern, but despite scoring consistently, he has not been on the national team in any format since 2015. Could

Despite not being part of the team despite excellent performance over the past 4 years, the cricketers and former cricketers have repeatedly demanded answers from the selection committees and the cricket board for not selecting Fawad, but the answer was 'disappointed'.

However, after a while, Fawad Alam has given the reason for not selecting him in the squad and, in wry words, said that his personal disapproval is the choice of his national team.

Addressing a press conference at the National Stadium in Karachi at the end of the match between Sindh and Northern Pakistan, Fawad Alam said, "Of course, personal choice is due to dislike, and I don't have to say anything about it."

Answering a question about not being selected in the team, he said, "I too am trying to find out the answer to this question. Maybe if I find an answer to this question, I will forget about it personally." I am not chosen because of dislike, but every year, after two years, a new excuse is made and I have to work on it again.

Fawad said that despite being ignored, it is sometimes difficult to make regular runs but I keep pushing myself because cricket is my home and if I quit cricket then what would I do?

However, despite missing the valuable years of his cricket career, the 34-year-old Fawad Alam is still lacking in courage and said, "I hope to God that I will get a chance."

He said that dislike is part of a life and career, it is everywhere in life, even in a house some people are favorite, but the player should focus on his game.

In this year's first-class cricket, Fawad Alam has scored two centuries and one fifty and is determined to run consistently despite the odds.

The left-handed batsman said, "Like every player, my job is to perform, a player who drops from the team, so he tries to perform in domestic cricket to return to the team. See when I get a chance." Yes, I pray that I can do my best whenever I have the chance.



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