Expected Qualifiers for Semi Finals

Expected Qualifiers for Semi Finals

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

As we all know, World Cup 2019 has been one hell of an exciting journey with unexpected surprises and twist. That has not only been challenging for the relevant teams competing but have also been a source of major entertainment around the world.

The present scenarios of the World Cup semi-finals is a nail biter itself. A matter of a single loss or win could be the cause for qualification and elimination for many teams including our dear Pakistan.

Following are the Scenarios consisting of a lot of ifs and buts, in Pakistan case to make it eligible to qualify for the world cup semi-final.

How important is The Bangladesh vs Pakistan Match for Pakistan?

The last straw for Pakistan or a challenging battle, the team has to surpass this battle to achieve it’s goal and the challenge occurring right now in the path to its objective, is it’s match against Bangladesh.

If Pakistan is not able to win this match, then, it’s game over for Pakistan is the ICC world cup 2019. All hopes and dreams of Pakistan to bring back the World cup Trophy to it’s home will be passed on again to another session, and all hopes will be lost.

On the contrary if Pakistan wins this match  and the following scenarios are applied, it’s a ticket to o the semi finals for our team.

Scenario 1

In a few scenarios Pakistan may be able to qualify, this scenario tends to be the best of all as, If our British neighbors in their next following match lose to their opponent New Zealand.

And on the other hand, If Pakistan is able to defeat Bangladesh in their upcoming match in the case of the benefiting loss of England then, Pakistan will be able to secure enough points to he eligible to qualify for the semi finals.

Scenario 2

If Pakistan is unlucky and England wins the match against New Zealand, then the situation gets more intense for Pakistan as It would have to defeat Bangladesh in the upcoming match.

Furthermore, the run rate between Pakistan and New Zealand will be compared in order to select a final competitor for the semifinals.

Scenario 3

If our neighbor India, lose their two upcoming matches and secure a low run rate then the point chart of the ICC will have to make a drastic change and India may go down despite being on number two in the respected point chart being followed.

This scenario may be the most unlikely to happen, ad India indeed is a strong team with good average run rates, but indeed being desperate cricket fans we’re assuming everything we can to make our team quality.




Point Chart

The point chart points out Australia as number one, being undefeated and of course, as a qualified member of The ICC world cup semi finals.

India on number two with the second least defeats after which comes New Zealand who indeed is at risks in terms of their following match with England which is important for them.

The forth slot is the last safe ground for all teams and right now the team at this safe camp is England, The further match of England will decide its future of the teams respect in ICC world cup semi finals.



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