Davis Cup Matches between Pakistan and India

Davis Cup Matches between Pakistan and India

The International Tennis Federation has directed Pakistan to decide on a new location, deciding to move to a neutral location of scheduled Davis Cup matches between Pakistan and India this month. 

The Asia-Oceania Group One tie was to be held in Islamabad on September 14 and 15, but due to security reasons, the International Tennis Federation postponed the matches until November and now the matches will not be held in Islamabad on November 29 and 30.

India requested the International Tennis Federation to move these competitions to a neutral location due to tensions between the two countries. The decision to finalize the Davis Cup locality was to come on November 3 and India initially announced the team for the match and decided to send a weak team to Pakistan.

However, now the International Tennis Federation has given a decision in favor of India and directed Pakistan to hold these matches at a neutral location. The International Tennis Federation said in its statement that Pakistan Tennis Federation has the authority to declare a neutral location and they have five days to do so.

The federation has made the decision based on security, saying that in our view the security of athletes, officials and spectators is the most important and it is on this basis that we have taken this decision. India had decided to send a weak team to Pakistan for the tournament as key players, including captain Mahesh Bhupathi, refused to go to Pakistan, but now India will likely announce a new squad.

Speaking to Reuters, General Secretary of the All India Tennis Association told Reuters, "We are very pleased and welcome the decision to move the venue, we look forward to the announcement of a new location by the Pakistan Tennis Federation. And then announce your new team



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