Cristiano Ronaldo's announcement of not taking 4 months salary

Cristiano Ronaldo's announcement of not taking 4 months salary

World-renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, his football club Joint Coach Maurizio Suri and other teammates announced not to take four months' salary due to the financial crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

According to a CNN report, Ronaldo and his team-mates have announced that they will not receive salaries in March, April, May, and June.

Overall, not all these players will be able to pay around 90 million euros - $ 100 million.

The Joint Club also thanked the players and coaches for their support during this difficult time in a statement.

It is to be noted that this month Jovant's Club players Daniel Corgani, Blaise Matodi and Paulo DiBala's Corona test came out positive this month.

Cristiano Ronaldo also declared himself quarantined after he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus in Daniel Ragani.

He played the last match of the league in the Italian city of Torino earlier this month, after his teammate Daniel Ragani was diagnosed with the virus.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates played in the empty stadium without a fan.

It should be noted that all sports and events were also canceled by lockdown in Italy.

Italy, where the Coronavirus has the highest number of deaths in the world, has kept a nationwide lockdown for 3 weeks, but the number of cases that have come up in the last 3 days is 5 to 6 thousand.


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