Coronavirus has been confirmed in Rudy Gobert who mocked the virus during a press conference

Coronavirus has been confirmed in Rudy Gobert who mocked the virus during a press conference

Posted on Mar 13, 2020

While the whole world is scared of the Coronavirus spreading in Wuhan from China, there are people who have not stopped mocking the deadly virus.

One of them is Rudy Gobert, a French basketball player from the National Basketball Association (NBA) who mocked the virus during a press conference this week.

And surprisingly, the virus itself has been confirmed in Rudy Gobert.

During a press conference for basketball matches in different cities in the United States, Rudy Gobert made fun of the Coronavirus in front of all the mics, it seems, according to CNN reports They were trying to scare the reporters out there by laughing that they might have a corona too.

Since then the symptoms of the corona virus have started to appear in them, and after the test, the virus has been confirmed.

Later the match was halted by the NBA while the entire basketball team was quarantined.

The NBA postponed all matches of the basketball season indefinitely.

Rudy Gobert, on the other hand, thanked fans for their support in a post on Instagram, saying they have been very scared and embarrassed ever since the virus was confirmed.

In his post, Rudy Gobert apologized to the public for making fun of Corona and made it clear that he did not know that he was suffering from the disease himself while doing such a move.

He wrote that he knew he was careless and hoped that people would learn from his example and train people about the virus.

Donovan Mitchell, another NBA basketball player, was diagnosed with the virus after Rudy Gobert.

According to reports, Rudy Gobert was in the locker room with all the other basketball players and Donovan Mitchell was impressed.

Mikel Arteta, 37, head coach of the British state of England's Arsenal club, is also diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

It should be noted that after the World Health Organization declared a global outbreak of the Coronavirus on March 11, several countries around the world have imposed travel restrictions and other events, including sporting events, under strict security measures around the world.

By the morning of March 13 worldwide, the number of Coronavirus patients had increased to more than one million 28 thousand, while the death toll had risen to 4,720.

Although the number of new Coronavirus patients is now steadily declining in China, it is surprisingly increasing in Europe and the United States.

Corona is spreading rapidly in Europe and the Americas, as well as in the Middle East


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