Controversy Has Arisen Over the Dismissal of Mohammad Rizwan

Controversy Has Arisen Over the Dismissal of Mohammad Rizwan

A new controversy has arisen over the dismissal of Pakistani batsman Mohammad Rizwan in the first Test match against Australia. Pakistan's team was struggling with 5 wickets for 94 runs after a good start in the first Test match of the series being played in Brisbane.

Mohammad Rizwan came to support Assad Shafiq and both players supported the Pakistani batting line while batting responsibly. 

Rizwan aggressively scored 37 runs off 34 balls with the help of seven fours and it seemed like both batsmen would give the national team access to a reasonable score but on this occasion, Rizwan was the victim of a controversial decision. Done

Mohammed Rizwan caught the wicket of Australian fast bowler Pete Cummins in an attempt to get the ball out of the wicket. On this occasion, the umpires approached the third umpire for a nine-ball check and his decision proved to be correct because Cummins' feet were over the limit and no part of the foot was behind the line.

In principle, the ball was a nine-ball, but it was not surprising to everyone in the field when the umpire did not call it a ball. In cricket, usually the benefit of the doubt is given to the batsman, the ICC has given the umpires the authority to decide in favor of the bowler in case of doubt over the nine-ball of the line and that is probably why umpire Michael Goff. Ruled in favor of Pat Cummins.

Even Cummins himself was not entirely confident about this nine-ball and said that looking at the screen 100 meters away, it was difficult to know whether it was a nine-ball or not unless the umpire raised his finger to be declared out. By that time, I was very nervous.

Bowling coach Waqar Younus of the national team avoided criticizing the umpire, saying it was a difficult decision, it was difficult to say whether it was a nine-ball or not, but if reviewed in a transparent way, I think it would be a new one. Had hair

However, most former Australian cricketers in the commentary the box looked shocked at the decision and rejected the decision. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting said, "I have seen many replays but I do not see any foot on the back of the line. Although sitting with me, McGraw thinks that one millimeter of the foot was behind the line but I have Don't show anything

Former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie also said that I think it was a wrong decision, it was a nine-ball and the ball should be called a nine-ball. However, former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee took the plunge in the series, scoffing at the umpire's decision with a regular image.

Former Brett Lee colleague Adam Gilchrist posted two pictures of him on his Twitter account, which can be viewed on a line by Brett Lee. Gilchrist wrote that although Brett Lee was a fast bowler, he still said that Monday's particle was not behind the line.


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