Bangladesh team can give surprise, will not be easy to imagine, Azhar Ali

Bangladesh team can give surprise, will not be easy to imagine, Azhar Ali

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Pakistan's Test team captain Azhar Ali has promised to perform well in the first Test match against Bangladesh and said that the guests can surpass the team so they will not be considered easy.

The first match of the two-Test series between Pakistan and Bangladesh will be played in Rawalpindi tomorrow and a trophy has been announced for the series.

Addressing a press conference at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium on Thursday before the match, Azhar Ali said that the Rawalpindi Test against Sri Lanka was very good and a large number of people came to watch the match at the stadium on the last day of this match. The result was not coming but it was a pleasure to look back at our ground and the spectators.

He urged the people of Rawalpindi to come and support the way they supported cricket in the Test match against Sri Lanka and message the world how much we love cricket.

He said that the current Pakistan team has immense potential, but victory is the only team that performs well in the field, so for the victory, we have to perform well.

Responding to a question, the captain of the Test team said that the Fawad Alam has come to the squad based on his performance and that all the members of the squad can come to the Final XI at any point, not only the Fawad Alam but also the team. Whenever players get the chance, they hope they will perform well.

Defending Fahim Ashraf's participation in the squad, he said, "As we prepare our bowling attack, our eyes are focused on preparing for a fast-bowling all-rounder so that they can help us as a fourth fast bowler.

"Playing abroad requires the help of a fourth fast bowler because if playing three fast bowlers, they have to come back frequently which makes them tired and we are making similar conditions in Pakistan," he said. Which is helpful for some fast bowlers.

Asked about the last time Pakistan won a Test match in Rawalpindi in 1997, Azhar said that winning a Test match is never easy, we have to present our best game while playing a Test match.

"The Bangladesh team is very good and can win us over. Their team also has match-winners so we do not consider them easy, we feel we have the best chance of winning the match in our home conditions." The opportunity is there and we will do our best.

The Pakistan Test team captain said that home Test matches are played according to their strengths, and we understand that this could pose a threat to our bowling teams at the moment. So we are trying to keep favourable conditions for the fast bowlers. Can be strong and win matches through it.

"The favourable conditions for fast bowling will also benefit us in future scheduled matches in England," he said.

Asked about the difference between the Bangladeshi team and the current team that played a Test match against Pakistan for the last time in 2015, Azhar said, "I think the Bangladesh team is missing the services of some key players and as a home team we have to There will be a lead, but we have to put it on the ground for good


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