Bangladesh team agrees to visit Pakistan in two phases

Bangladesh team agrees to visit Pakistan in two phases

Bangladesh team agrees to visit Pakistan in two phases
After an agreement was reached between Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Bangladesh team is preparing for a two-phase visit to Pakistan and examinations.

The holiday between Pakistan and Bangladesh consists of unexpected cloud terraces and the two countries have agreed to hold cricket boards.

An agreement was reached between Pakistan and Bangladesh Cricket Boards from where it is part of the Future Tour program.

Pakistan Cricket Board Committee Ehsan Mani and Test Executive Waseem Khan have been visiting the cricketer to interact with Bangladesh Cricket Board.

Shashank Manohar, the Minister of the International Cricket Council, met on Tuesday afternoon in Dubai to visit Pakistan.

What's the matter with Pakistan's scheduled visit to Bangladesh, the Bangladesh team visits Pakistan in two phases.

In the first phase, the Bangladesh team came to Pakistan earlier this month for three T20s and one match, followed by another test and one match between the two teams in April.

Keeping in mind the reservations of the Pakistan Super League and the Bangladesh Cricket Board, the period is divided into two parts.

The Bangladesh team will host the first T20 match on January 24, followed by games in Lahore on January 24, followed by Gaddafi Stadium on January 25 and 27.

After that, the first test match between the two teams took place in Rawalpindi from 7 to 11 February.

After the first Test matches, the Bangladesh team was robbed and the Super League started in Pakistan from February 20.

At the end of the Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh team once again stayed in Pakistan in April where a single ODI match took place in Karachi on April 3.

After that, in the second test match from April 5 to 9, both teams will have a Noord try at the National Stadium in Karachi.

Bangladesh visited Pakistan unexpectedly where the Bangladesh Cricket Board sent 20 teams and sent it to the team.

The cricket boards of the two countries have been contacted fifteen times in connection with the matches, but as a result, the Pakistan Cricket Board has shown difficulties in the word Dotok, which is supposed to hold all matches at Pakistan's home ground.

After the Bangladesh Cricket Board meetings, there was an incident between the two teams, which was the reason that we were visiting the team due to the situation in Kashmir in the Middle East. 


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