Babar Azam Meets 8-year-old Fan Online

Babar Azam Meets 8-year-old Fan Online

National T20 and ODI team captain Babar Azam fulfilled his wish by meeting his little fan online. The Test and T20 series between England and England, which starts on August 5, will be played in a bio-secure environment. In this closed-door series, fans will not be able to sit in cricket stands and cheer on their favourite players. To bridge the potential gap between the players and the fans, the Pakistan Cricket Board arranged a video conference between champion batsman Babar Azam in England and his 8-year-old fan in Lahore.

Samia Afsar, an 8-year-old fan of Babar Azam, became famous as a cricket fan when a video of his brilliant batting went viral on social media earlier this year, in which a young cricketer was seen playing charming strokes on every ball. Come on. On the occasion, former Sri Lanka captain and current MCC Kumar Sangakkara, while commenting on the viral video on social media, said that he could not go beyond the video of the young cricketer, his technique is even better than his and He is very encouraged to see such talent in cricket.

Talking to his young fans, Babar Azam, captain of the national ODI and T20 team, praised Samia Afsar's batting and gave him useful advice on how to become a better batsman. It is worth mentioning here that before meeting Babar Azam online, the little fan Samia has also prepared a charming sketch of the batsman's picture which she wishes to present as a gift to Babar Azam on her return home. Expressing happiness over meeting Babar online, Samia Adhikari said that she is the biggest fan of Babar Azam and she wants to be a famous cricketer like him.

Calling Babar Azam, a superhero, the young fan said that just as the captains of the national team are making Pakistan famous all over the world thanks to their batting, so too they want to one day achieve success for the national women's cricket team. He said that Babar Azam had given him useful advice to improve his batting which he would try to follow. On the occasion, Babar Azam said that fans are the most important part of the game of cricket and they are always active to encourage the players, good or bad.

He said he would definitely miss the stadium of this important stakeholder of the game during the series against England. He further said that he was very happy to meet Samia Afsar on video. He is a superstar. When I saw the video of Samia Afsar's batting for the first time, I was surprised to see his batting skills at such a young age. Babar Azam said that Samia Adhikari has the potential to be a great batsman and he is looking forward to meeting this little fan when the situation in Code-19 improves.

The captain of the national ODI and T20 team said that participating in sports from an early age gives a person a better understanding of life as well as discipline and urged young fans to pursue education and physical training. Ensure delivery.


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