Azhar Ali supported holding matches at the closed stadium

Azhar Ali supported holding matches at the closed stadium

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Pakistan Test team captain Azhar Ali, while supporting the Coronavirus, held matches without spectators in the stadium, saying it would give fans at least a chance to watch matches on TV.

National Test Captain Azhar Ali spoke about Pakistan Super League during a video press conference and discussed other issues including the performance of the Pakistan team in Test cricket.

The captain of the national test team expressed his desire to play Pakistan Super League and said that he misses the Pakistan Super League but it is up to the franchisees to select him or not.

Talking about the possible return of convicted Sharjeel Khan in the spot-fixing scandal, he said that Sharjeel has just returned to the Twenty20 and has just started playing four-day cricket after which, in terms of performance and fitness. Decisions can be made about joining their team.

Azhar Ali said, "My position regarding the players involved in spot-fixing has always been clear and I will say no more.

It should be remembered that in the past, Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez had decided to defame the country and not play with the players involved in corruption, but after the intervention of the board, both players agreed to represent the team.

The Test captain said that the series against Australia was not good but goals from that series must have been achieved which resulted in a good series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

He said that in the absence of senior bowlers like Wahab Riaz and Mohammed Amir in Australia during the tour, the youngsters took advantage of them, the presence of the seniors is very important but the young bowlers also did not disappoint.

The captain of the national test team expressed concern over Pakistan's loss in Test cricket as a result of the Corona virus-causing situation, saying that the current situation is very challenging, Pakistan is playing less then Test cricket and if the interval has increased. There may be more problems.

He said that the Test Championship is underway, Pakistan has yet to play a Test match against Bangladesh and all matches should be made before the finalists of the Test Championship are decided so that all the teams get the same opportunities.

Talking about the global outbreak of Coronavirus, he added, "The whole world is going through a difficult time right now. We need to keep ourselves mentally and physically strong at the moment, while no one knows that there is more to the game. How long will it be, so we have to prepare ourselves, we cannot play cricket but we can keep ourselves fit.

The captain of the national test team, while supporting the matches without spectators due to the virus, said that if cricket is in the closed-door then there is no safety issue and I will support it.

"I understand that improvement in conditions allows for sports activities to be restored, so it doesn't matter if the activities are initially closed or empty, at least for fans to watch cricket on TV," he added. We will have the opportunity to watch the matches.

Azhar Ali said that PCB has asked to continue the existing contract but what will happen in the future will be in line with the situation at present. However, players should be prepared to cut salaries.

He said that the whole world is suffering from financial problems, cricket is not happening and revenue is not coming. In such a situation, everyone should be prepared to cut salaries, according to the situation for the upcoming PCB contract. Whoever decides it will be for everyone.

Regarding the online test taken next week by the PCB, he said that online fitness would be difficult but the players would be able to keep themselves fit and motivated.

On the question of giving an opportunity to other cricketers, including Sarfraz Ahmed, Azhar Ali pointed out that the former captain would not be given a chance in the squad again.

He said that Pakistan has become a good team in Test cricket, performance in test cricket is good and efforts will be made to maintain the same.

The Test captain said that according to the conditions if another player was needed or another player fell victim to injury, the other players would have a chance.

Shoaib Akhtar's assistance to victims of Coronavirus and Pak for economic stability. Referring to the India Series proposal, Azhar Ali said that any series would be good for raising funds in the coronavirus situation.


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