Argentine footballer Dybala and girlfriend, infected with Corona virus

Argentine footballer Dybala and girlfriend, infected with Corona virus

Argentina's famous footballer Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Corona, who represent Italy's famous club Yount, have fallen prey to the virus.

Argentina's famous footballer revealed positive results of the Coronavirus test via social networking website Twitter.

"Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that we have just received the results of the Covid-19 test and both Oriana and I tested positive. Fortunately, we are in perfect condition. Thanks for your messages and greetings to all" he said in his message. Ϋ”

"We voluntarily relocated to Quarantina from March 11 and are now in good health," he thanked the fans in a message on his website.

Paulo Dybala became a part of the unit in 2015 and has since scored 64 goals in 152 matches, contributing to his team's success.

Yount's team has won the Italian Series A Trophy 8 times and Paulo Dybala has made himself three times in the Series A's best team of the year.

Argentina's 26-year-old star footballer Paulo Dybala is the third player in the Yount to suffer from a virus where former team defenseman Dale Rogani and World Cup-winning France teammate Les Matodi have also had positive tests for Corona. Ϋ”

It is to be noted that Italy is the most affected country with Coronavirus worldwide, were about 5 thousand people have died so far.

The Italian Series A has been postponed due to the spread of the virus, as in other competitions around the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-renowned footballer representing the same football club, has already taken isolation from the virus.


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