Ali Azmat Appreciate Ali Zafar on making New song for PSL

Ali Azmat Appreciate Ali Zafar on making New song for PSL

Posted on Mar 2, 2020

Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar, two renowned rock stars of Pakistan, are currently gaining attention due to their songs sung for the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

While Ali Zafar sang the official song for the first three seasons of the Pakistan Super League, Ali Azmat performed on the PSL5 anthem.

It may be recalled that the PSL5 anthem was "Tayar Ho" after it received a mixed response from fans after Ali Azmat claimed in an interview that the singer of the previous anthem for PSL Buy 'Tayyar Ho' tweets against.

After that, a satirical video of Ali Zafar came out while fans also insisted he had announced his song for PSL and later released his lyrics.

Ali Zafar had told the fans that he had prepared the song but the fans would have to help his video and they would have to send the video by performing the given dance steps.

And now Ali Azmat has also announced that he will send a video for Ali Zafar's PSL song by performing on dance steps.

Ali Azmat recently spoke about his song for PSL and Ali Zafar's singing for PSL in an interview in the private TV channel Geo News' program 'Jashan Cricket'.

The rock star said, "This is an opportunity for Pakistan, it is a great thing for cricket to be restored. Everybody wants to make a new song on this occasion, so why not make a new song on that occasion?" I am in favour of making that song. '

He further said that 'Ali Zafar requested the fans to send a video by doing dance steps and I would like to state that I too will dance and send my video on Ali Zafar's song'.

According to Ali Azmat, "I believe Ali Zafar's song will be a hit too. There are only 4 or 5 artists in Pakistan. If you fight them too, it is not a good thing".

Ali Zafar, on the other hand, shared the video of Ali Azmat on social networking website Twitter, saying 'Brother is waiting for the video, there is an attempt to release on Sunday, waiting for your shot'.

Meanwhile, Ali Azmat spoke on the negative reaction he received to his poem 'Tayar Ho', 'The process of making this anthem was brilliant, four artists performed together who did not know each other at all. Someone liked it, nobody liked it. When the song was released, the PCB said that there were some bloggers who were presenting it as negative.

"Ali Zafar is a friend of mine, like younger brothers, I really love him, we performed together, I don't blame him, he is very hard," he added.

According to the singer, the controversy arose because of some TV channels, people and social media.

Referring to the interview given by Ali Zafar, he said, "I did not name Ali Zafar in this interview, but I was saddened to hear that the PCB allowed Ali Zafar to play songs in the PSL. 

According to Ali Azmat, "I do not know whether Ali Zafar has a hand in the 'Tayar Ho' dispute. The PCB was told that no one else was upset about the negative reaction to the song, It is unfortunate that all the focus has shifted from Pakistan to cricket.

Shoaib Akhtar was also present on the occasion and he said that Ali Azmat is an icon of Pakistan, listening to his songs created a passion for playing cricket.

It is to be remembered that Asim Azhar, Arif Lohar and Haroon Rashid performed with Ali Azmat in the song "Tayar Ho" for PSL 5.


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