A fan gave Gift of 'Kaptaan Chappal' for Peshawar Zalmi players

A fan gave Gift of 'Kaptaan Chappal' for Peshawar Zalmi players

The fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will begin on February 20, but before that, the cricket fever has started to wane throughout the country.

One of the reasons for the PSL fever is that the elderly man who made 'Peshawar Chapel' for several years in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, gave the gift of 'Kaptaan Chappal' to the entire Peshawar Zalmai team.

This is the 'Kaptaan Chappal' that 60-year-old Uncle Nooruddin of Peshawar prepared for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Uncle Nooruddin, who presents the 'Kaptaan Chappal' gift to all the players and the management team of Peshawar Zalmai, always supports Peshawar Zalmay and this time he is also supporting his favourite team.

shoaib malik

Fans also met Shoaib Malik - Photo: Uncle Nooruddin
Speaking to Arab News, Uncle Nooruddin said that Peshawar has been developing the chapel since 1976 and he had made a special 'Kaptaan Chappal' for Imran Khan which he has now created for the Peshawar Zalmi team.

Uncle Nooruddin met Zalmai players in Peshawar and gave them 'Kaptaan Chappal'.

Uncle Nooruddin said that this time he has produced 40 'Kaptaan Chappal' pairs of all members of the Peshawar Zalmi team, made in three different colours.


Fans present chapels to all players and team members - Photo: Uncle Nooruddin
He said that all the chapels were prepared at the feet of every player and team member and he gave the gift to his favourite team by preparing 'Kaptaan Chappal' on time after night.

He said that he always supported 'Peshawar Zalmi' and this time his favourite team is the same and he will win the PSL Cup.

Uncle Nooruddin met with all the players including Captain Darren Sammy of Peshawar Zalmai and presented him with the gift of 'Kaptaan Chappal'.

captain chapal

Fans handed over 40 Captain Chapel team members - Photo: Uncle Nooruddin


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