Coke Studios is Facing Copyright Issues

Coke Studios is Facing Copyright Issues

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

Roheel Hayat is producing the 12th season of Coke Studios starting in October this year, the fans were happy to see him return.

However, despite his arrival, Coke Studios is facing copyright issues this time, and another video from the 12th season was removed due to copyright issues. 

In the fourth episode of Coke Studio 12, released last week, November 17, the word 'Herran Hua' was removed by Sofia Kalam singer Sanam Marwi.

Even before Sanam Marawi's ‘Herran Hua', Coke Studios had removed the second episode of Abrar-ul-Haq's songs 'Billo' and Richall Vakaji and Shuja Haider's 'Sian' due to copyrights.

Sanam Marawi's quote was based on the poetry and lyrics of 'Jigar Murad Abadi, Sachal Sarmast and other poems'.

The video does not play if Sanam Marawi's "herran hua" is clicked on Coke Studio's YouTube channel and a message from the company comes out confirming that the aforementioned song is from the Sufi singer Removed due to a claim by Parveen.

 Although no statement has yet been made by Coke Studio on the official matter, Abida Parveen's team confirmed that Sanam Marvi's video was removed due to a copyright claim filed by him.

 A spokesperson for Abida Parveen told the media that the Sufi singer is currently out of the country, but his a claim of copyright is true.


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