Yamaha has once again announced a huge increase in motorcycle prices

Yamaha has once again announced a huge increase in motorcycle prices

The race for price hikes among motorcycle manufacturers appears to have resumed, as Horsepower Pakistan confirmed that Yamaha has raised the prices of its motorcycles, only a day after Atlas Honda announced a price hike.

Though Honda increased their prices by Rs. 2000, Yamaha increased their prices by Rs. 7000. The organization is yet to give a statement justifying the price rise. The following are the latest prices as listed in Yamaha's official circular:

Model Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Increase (PKR)
YB-125 Z 163,000 169,000 6000
YB-125 Z DX 175,500 182,500 7000
YBR-125 G 190,000 197,000 7000

The new premiums go into practice on April 2nd, 2021, which is today. Following the launch of new graphic stickers, the price of the regular YBR-125 will be raised later this month.

This is Yamaha's second price hike this year, with the first happening in January and resulting in a price spike of up to Rs. 6000 on motorcycles.

These price rises seem unjustified since the local currency's valuation has remained steady for some time, which has been the reason for every single price hike by the automakers since the countrywide lockdowns were enforced in March of last year.

With that in mind, it is past time for the government to pay attention to the situation and discuss it.



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