World Health Organization is biased with China, US President

World Health Organization is biased with China, US President

US President Donald Trump has strongly criticized the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing him of focusing too much on China and giving bad advice during the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, saying he would be responsible for the agency. The US will ban financing.

According to a foreign news agency Reuters report, Trump issued a statement on social networking website Twitter saying that "WHO really destroyed it".

"For some reason, the company is largely funded by the US, yet it is very much China-based, we will take a good look at it," he said.

"Fortunately I soon rejected their suggestion to keep my borders open for China, why did they give us such a poor recommendation?"

Later in the White House news briefing, Trump repeated the allegations against the UN Health Organization.

The US president said, "They called him wrong, they really did it, they didn't listen to anyone, we will control the money spent on WHO, we have a very powerful grip on it and We are going to review it. '

UN spokeswoman Stephen Dodger rejected criticism from WHO, headed by Director-General Tedros.

"It is clear to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that under the leadership of Dr. Tedros, WHO has helped millions of shipping countries, assist training countries, guide global leaders," he told reporters. In terms of supply, Corona has done a great job on the virus, WHO is demonstrating the power of the global health system. '

He said the WHO has recently done a "tremendous job" in putting its staff at the forefront in combating Ebola, contagious and often fatal disease in the Congo.

WHO did not respond to Reuters' request to comment on Trump's remarks


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