World Community Provides Low-Cost Vaccine to Prevent Virus, IMF

World Community Provides Low-Cost Vaccine to Prevent Virus, IMF

WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on the international community to provide low-cost vaccines globally to prevent the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak that began in December 2019 in China killed more than 150,000 people worldwide and affected more than 2.2 million people worldwide.

In its Financial Monitor Report for 2020, the IMF emphasized the need for "coordination and health care for countries with limited access to low-cost vaccines globally."

The report, released this week in Washington, called on governments to take "measures in the context of the severity" of the health crisis.

The IMF added that the ignorance or seriousness of the virus-causing social and economic crisis could create a new wave of unrest in some countries.

In addition, the report urged governments to continue to cooperate until conditions are stable.


The IMF warns that daily wage earners are facing dire conditions due to rising prices of basic goods and energy products.

The report said that if fundamental rights were stripped of the deprived sections of society, strong opposition could arise and such opposition would be by the urban middle class.

The IMF warns governments that countries with a history of widespread corruption, lack of transparency in public policy and poor supply of services are at greater risk.

Highlighting measures to prevent unrest, the IMF said spending on health and emergency services should be a top priority.

IMF added that large, temporary and targeted support is needed for affected workers and organizations until the end of the emergency.


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