Work on the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project stalled

Work on the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project stalled

Posted on Jan 24, 2020

In the upper house (Senate), the Ministry of Energy has said that work on the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project has been halted due to international sanctions imposed on Iran.

During the Senate meeting in the federal capital, the Ministry of Energy submitted written responses to interim questions.

Responding to the above, Omar Ayub said work on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project was halted due to sanctions imposed on Iran, but with the approval of the federal cabinet, Iran and Pakistan signed a gas pipeline modification agreement.

According to the amendment agreement, Pakistan and Iran will be given another five years to complete the plan, but any further progress is related to the rise of US sanctions.

It may be noted that the gas project between neighbouring countries Pakistan and Iran were underway, however, due to the ongoing tensions between the US and Iran, the Middle East country faces different sanctions.

In addition, tensions have intensified in recent days following the assassination of Iranian commander Qasim Sulaimani in a US airstrike and the US president has announced more severe sanctions on Iran.

Apart from this, other issues were also mentioned in the reply submitted and it was stated that 50 companies are working in the oil and gas exploration sector in Pakistan, 15 of which are local and 35 are foreign companies.

According to the response, the crab forest block was excavated to a depth of 5,963 meters to find gas, but unfortunately, the well was dry.

It was also informed that there are currently 12 blocks of oil and gas exploration in the deep sea, which will be approved after the security clearance from the Ministry of Defense.


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