woman seeking a divorce from her husband

woman seeking a divorce from her husband

A 20-year-old woman from the Indian state of Bihar approached the court seeking a divorce from her husband who did not live according to hygiene rules.

According to the Times of India report, in her petition filed for divorce, Soni Devi claimed that her 23-year-old husband Manish Ram does not regularly shower or shave while he does not even clean his teeth. They smell.

The State Women's Commission (SWC) has given her husband two months to take action on Soni Devi's request to change her habits or else severe action will be taken against her.

In this regard, SWC member Pratima Sinha said that the 20-year-old applicant approached the court and demanded that she want to get a divorce from her husband because she could not live with them.

He added that no immediate decision was taken on the reasons they were seeking a divorce.

The report further added that Soni Devi, in her petition, claimed that in 2017 she was married to Manish Ram, a plumber by profession.

The woman accused her husband, claiming that her husband smells because they do not brush, shave or wash their teeth for 10 consecutive days.

According to an SWC worker, Soni Devi is adamant on her decision to divorce her husband.

Soni Devi said, "I do not want to live with my husband, I will not suffer any more humiliation, please save this person from my life, it has ruined my life".

On the other hand, the husband of Sony Devi said that he does not want to be separated from his wife and wants to live with her.

He claimed in court that he would try his best to live up to the principles of hygiene and win the trust of his wife.



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