Woman Murdered after Rap

Woman Murdered after Rap

Police arrested 4 suspects and suspended 3 policemen in protest against the mob rape following the alleged rap of a 27-year-old veterinary employee in Hyderabad, India.
According to a report by the British Broadcasting Agency, BBC, thousands of citizens protested outside the police station in Hyderabad and demanded that the suspects be brought to a stand while police have also suspended three officers.

According to the report, the victim's family refused to meet with politicians and police officers expressing sympathy and called for an investigation.

India has witnessed a dramatic increase in rap cases over the past several years, while the aftermath of rap killings has also led to tensions.

Referring to the recent incident in Hyderabad, it was said that the murdered woman had been missing for the last four days and her body was found today.

Police say the woman was allegedly killed after the rap and four suspects have been arrested in connection with the case.

According to the report, the mothers of two of the arrested accused have made it clear to the police that if their sons were found guilty, they would be punished.

The Indian news agency was quoted as saying by a woman: 'He should be punished because I am also a daughter'.

On the other hand, protesters outside the police station demanded that those responsible for the incident be executed.

The victim belonged to the Shamshabad area of ​​Hyderabad where the protesters closed the main gate of the locality and carried the playing card which contained 'No Media, Nine Police, No Sider, Only Action and Justice'.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi expressed sadness in her message on the social networking site Twitter, saying, "I am deeply shocked by the incident and have no words to express my grief over the incident."

Three police officers also suspended after the victim's family accused them of not taking immediate action.



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