Without Iran, no solution to the Afghan problem would be possible

Without Iran, no solution to the Afghan problem would be possible

ISLAMABAD: Foreign policy expert US professor Wali Nasr has called on Pakistani policymakers to cooperate closely with Iran on the Afghan issue and said no solution would be possible without Iran.

The Dean of the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies spoke on the US-Pakistan relations, US President's visit to India and China, Iran and Afghanistan in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He said that Pakistan is closer to Washington on the Afghan issue and peace in Afghanistan, which has "opened the door to a new relationship besides Pakistan's security relations with the United States".

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the Senate Committee, Mushahid Hussain Syed, said that Pakistan had long believed that the US should talk to the Taliban, which has finally been proved by the expected peace deal and that Pakistan now has the interests of its foreign policy. There is more 'strategic scope'.

Senator Mushahid Hussain further said that Narendra Modi has been forced to look inside because of his mistakes in Kashmir and India, while US President Trump's reliance on Pakistan for Afghan action and the situation between Iran and its neighbours in the Gulf are particularly peculiar. , Kashmir issue and relations with Iran, Washington and Afghanistan have provided Pakistan with a geopolitical opportunity to preserve, promote and pursue its foreign policy interests in the region.

In this regard, Senator Sherry Rehman emphasized the need for more sustainable and genuine economic relations with the United States, as he feared that the "time" for Pakistan to become a facilitator for Afghanistan would soon be forgotten. ۔

Senator Siraj-ul-Haq raised the issue of damage to the environment due to decades of conflict, saying that it would affect future generations, as happened in Vietnam and Cambodia, saying that the US war in the region to Pakistan. Should seek compensation for damages arising out of.

Senator Anwarul Haq Kakar expressed hope for reconciliation between Iran and its neighbouring Arab countries, while other members agreed with Professor Nasr that 'the US president is neither ideological nor traditional and he is more Prime Minister than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Are compatible with mine '.

Prof. Wali Nasr says that Modi's remaining agenda is to erase the Nehru tradition and reshape India's local agenda because he has an ideological concept and calls it 'the concept and term of the war on terror'. He praised President Donald Trump for politically abolishing 'his views on the new world against the new war and only about the economy'.

The meeting was attended by Senator Javed Abbasi, Nazhat Sadiq, Sami Ezidi, Sherry Rehman, Anwarul Haq Kakar, Sirajul Haq, Satara Ayaz and Dr Shahzad Waseem, as well as secretary of the committee Rabia Anwar.


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