Will Google Play Store really close in Pakistan from December 1?

Will Google Play Store really close in Pakistan from December 1?

Posted on Nov 28, 2022

After the above news came out, people expressed their concern using the hashtag "Google Play Store" and appealed to the government to take steps to ensure the service of the application download store.

The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) issued a clarification that quickly became the top trend on Twitter, stating that even after December 1, the free facilities of Google Play Stores will be maintained in the country.

In a series of tweets, the ministry confirmed that the Central Bank's change to the Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) method has stopped payments from mobile phone service providers to global internet technology companies. 

According to the statement, the services of certain applications may be affected in Pakistan from December 1, 2022, due to the suspension of payments to international organizations.

The Ministry said that Federal Minister Syed Aminul Haque has written a letter to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in this regard, appealing to the State Bank to make payments under the old method of "DCB."

According to the Ministry of Information Technology, mobile internet technology companies in the country are already having trouble. Things could get worse after December 1 if apps that charge money for services stop working.

It's not clear which apps will be affected in Pakistan after December 1, but the Ministry of Information and Technology has said that the Google Play Store won't stop working and that people can still download free apps from there.

The news of the closure of Google Play Stores in Pakistan was reported by the English newspaper "The News" on November 26, and it was said that the State Bank has asked global companies, including Facebook's owner Meta, Amazon, Google, and other companies. They could not make direct carrier billing payments, due to which the Play Store service is likely to stop in the country after December 1.

However, according to the Ministry of Information and Technology, even after December 1, free applications can be downloaded in the country.

Some businesses, e-commerce companies, and other online business service providers, including payment providers, may face difficulties after December 1, but general users will be able to download free applications.

After the news of the closure of the Google Play Store in Pakistan came out, people on Twitter shared various memes in this regard.


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