Why School are Closed in Lahore

Why School are Closed in Lahore

Posted on Nov 7, 2019

LAHORE: Temperatures in the Punjab capital, Lahore, have been affected by routine life-threatening conditions, with people having difficulty breathing while public and private schools are closed in the city.

It should be noted that this is the first time that schools were closed due to smog. In this regard,  reported that on Wednesday night, Lahore's Air Quality Index (AQI) had reached more than 500 levels below 200.

Looking at the situation, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar tweeted that 'all schools in Lahore will be closed on Thursday due to the sudden increase in Asmog'.

At the same time, he wrote, "We are closely watching the situation in the smog of Lahore. The administration is on high alert and they have been directed to take action against the burning of crops and other factors which are causing the smog." 

Meanwhile, according to the Lahore US Consulate Air Quality Monitor feed, the smog level was dangerous at 10 pm on Wednesday and Lahore's AQI was between 2.5 and 580 p.m. NASA satellite image showing farmers' burned crops in Indian Punjab 

Punjab Education Minister Murad Ross was also aware of the poisonous air and tweeted at 9 pm 52 minutes saying, "Smoke is at an unusually high level in Lahore at the moment. Looking at the situation, please see the children. Avoid being taken outside except for the most urgent situations. '

It should be noted that the itching air was making people's breathing difficult and by evening this disturbing situation had taken place and for this reason, Lahore Smog became the top trend on Twitter.

A Twitter user wrote using the hashtag 'LahoreSmog', 'My eyes are burning and I cannot breathe properly'

On the other hand, meteorologists said the sudden increase in smog was due to a change in direction, which brought with it smoke and other pollution from India, and they predicted that rain on Thursday would improve air quality. ۔

Meanwhile, health professionals have advised people, especially children and the elderly, to stay indoors and consume more water.

In addition, a group of students filed a petition with the Lahore High Court for a change in the AQI measurement system and implementation of the SMOG policy.

The smog season has been going on for the past 4 years while this season is being called the 5th season of Lahore and due to the layers of poisonous smoke from November to February, people have lost the focus of sun and evening.




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