WHO dismisses US president's accusation about China

WHO dismisses US president's accusation about China

Posted on Apr 9, 2020

World Health Organization (WHO) officials have dismissed US President Donald Trump's allegation that the organization was demonstrating partiality with China.

Donald Trump strongly criticized the World Health Organization, accusing it of focusing too much on China, and also warned that it would ban US financing for the agency.

According to a foreign news agency 'Reuters', WHO officials responded to the US president's statement, saying that "this is not the time to stop funding at the crucial stage of the global outbreak."

The World Health Organization is the largest healthcare organization financed by the United States, and according to Donald Trump, he gave bad advice during the Coronavirus.

The US president tweeted, "WHO really destroyed it for some reason, the company is funded largely by the US, yet their inclination towards China is high," We will see it well. '

The US provided $ 400 million in funding to the WHO in 2019, almost double the financial support of the other major member countries.

On the other hand, China received $ 40 million in financial assistance.

Responding to the US President's statement, Regional Regional Health Director of Europe, Heinz Klug, in a virtual briefing, said, "We are still in the crucial phase of the outbreak, so it is not time to stop funding."

He called the spread of the Coronavirus in Europe extremely worrying and urged governments to be careful about easing restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.

"The dramatic increase in virus cases in Europe is very worrying and we still have to travel a lot in this race," he said.

Dr. Bruce Elvard, a senior adviser to the WHO's director-general, also defended the UN agency's relationship with China, saying that "it is important to work closely with the Beijing administration to understand that in Wuhan How the plague was born

"In the early stages of the outbreak of this outbreak, it was very important to have access to everything possible, get on the ground and work with China so that we could understand it," he told reporters.

He said, "This is what we did with Spain affected by the epidemic and it has nothing to do with China in particular."

Dr. Bruce Elvard also defended WHO's recommendation to keep the borders open, saying China worked hard to identify early cases and links and made sure that those cases did not travel to prevent the virus.


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