Which player does Chris Gayle consider a 'snake'?

Which player does Chris Gayle consider a 'snake'?

Jamaica: West Indies legend Chris Gayle has been dropped from the Caribbean Premier League team Jamaica Tala was, which angered him.

According to details, Jamaica Talawas angered batsman Chris Gayle by not including him in the squad for the next edition of the Caribbean Premier League. Taken

Explosive West Indies opener Chris Gayle released a 15-minute video on his YouTube channel in which he called former West Indies captain Ram Naresh Sarwan a snake.

Chris Gayle addressed the captain and said, "You are a hater, you are a snake, you have not grown up yet, you still stab people in the back, when will you change?"

Chris Gayle accused Sarwan of being out of Jamaica Tala was, calling him worse than the coronavirus. He said in the video that he is more dangerous than the coronavirus. Sarwan Talawas wants to be the head coach of the team but I "You're not experienced enough to be a head coach, it's not an easy task," he told them bluntly.

Chris Gayle says Sarwan has a big hand in what happened to him You know, you're not a favorite here, of course, I'm the last player from the 1996 era who's still running, I think they're worried about Gail playing and succeeding in his career. ۔

"I will get rid of you in Sarwan and deal with other players when the time comes," he said. It is expected that Darren Sammy and head coach Andy Flower will now play for the St. Lucia Zouks in the 2020 Caribbean Premier League, with whom he has signed a contract.



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