We are as powerful today as we had never before: Trump

We are as powerful today as we had never before: Trump

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

We are as powerful today as we had never before: Trump
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has said that we were financially affected by the failed policies of the previous government, as powerful as we are today.

He expressed these views at the State of the Union address in the Assembly. The US President said that the country has brought the unemployment rate to a very low level in three years, our borders are strong and the economy is stable, the US economy Better than the first. And the country is more stable.

He said that every community of America is playing a vital role in the progress and prosperity of the country. Our agenda is only for American citizens. The job opportunity getting better in America. The unemployment rate has come down to the lowest level in the last 50 years, the lowest unemployment in the history of the United States in our era.

Trump says unemployment rates for African Americans are at the lowest level for the first time in history, over ten million people reduced who receiving government assistance, while 3.5 million people get new jobs in the last three years, after winning the election. Salaries increased by 16%.

The US President added that consumer confidence in American products has been restored, every country in the world wants to register a company on our stock exchange, the US is the largest producer of petrol and gas in the world and a self-sufficient country. Under the government, 12,000 new factories were set up.

Earlier, when US President Trump arrived in Capitol Hill for a speech, several Democrats members of Congress announced a boycott of Trump's address, President Trump addressed the Congress in a very tense environment, Trump also refused to shake hand with Nancy Pelosi. 




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