Video of a Foreign Woman 'Samba' Dance on the Streets of Saudi Arabia Goes Viral.

Video of a Foreign Woman 'Samba' Dance on the Streets of Saudi Arabia Goes Viral.

An investigation has been launched in the Gulf state of Jazan in the Gulf state of Saudi Arabia after a video of a traditional Brazilian dance "samba" in foreign men's and women's shorts went viral.

According to the French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), a dance video made during the Jazan Festival 2022 in Saudi Arabia's Jazan province has sparked outrage.

The video, which went viral on social media, shows a man and a woman performing the traditional Brazilian dance 'samba.' In the viral video, the woman is seen in a semi-nude dress. Still, she is dressed slightly better than the traditional Brazilian samba dancers.

After the video went viral, locals in Saudi Arabia sharply criticized the administration, calling the dancing of semi-nude foreigners in the streets of Jazan a violation of religious and social traditions.

After the video went viral, the governor and administration of Jazan admitted that the video was from the Jazan Festival 2022, which people from all over the world attended.



Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services, and the army. According to officials, the video was a part of the entertainment festival. The entertainment video should not be misrepresented; however, after strong criticism from the people, Governor Jazan ordered an investigation into the matter.


The video was shared on Saudi Arabian social media, criticizing Jazan officials and festival officials, saying that local women still do not wear such clothing. However, women have been liberated in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabian social media users called the video of foreigners dancing "samba" in the streets of Jazan a violation of national traditions and religious values, after which the administration ordered an investigation.


In addition to the video mentioned above, several videos of 'Jazan Festival 2022' went viral on social media, and people appreciated the entertainment programs held at the festival.


In Saudi Arabia, where women have been given significant freedoms in the last few years, entertainment, music, showbiz, fashion, and art festivals have also started to be held there.

In Saudi Arabia, women can now travel abroad without the patronage and permission of their male family members, including working with non-mahram men.

Saudi Arabia has been witnessing significant developments in fashion, showbiz, music, and entertainment for the past few years, with a large number of foreigners participating.





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