US troops move to Quarantine Center in Afghanistan

US troops move to Quarantine Center in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: The United States has quarantined 1500 troops, limiting the movement of new troops in Afghanistan.

American citizens coming to Afghanistan from other countries will also be placed in Quarantine on the direction of the US commander.

Following the decision of the US commander, the deployment of troops already in Afghanistan is likely to be expanded so that the mission can continue.

The announcement comes at a time when Washington is obliged to reduce its military presence in Afghanistan as part of a peace deal between the United States and the Taliban last month.

In his tweet, US General Scott Miller said the military has begun a new screening method for personnel arriving in the country.

He said that in the last week, about 15 hundred soldiers, civilians, and contractors traveling to Afghanistan from different countries will be in the screening senators.

The US general said most of the soldiers are newly deployed to Afghanistan or are returning from leave and were kept in quarantine because of caution not because they are ill.

He is also limiting access to US allies and bases.

So far, 21 US and coalition personnel have had flu-like symptoms that have been isolated where they are being sought for medical help.

However, there have been no positive results for the Coronavirus yet.

It may be noted that the number of US troops in Afghanistan is more than 12,000, but under the peace agreement, the number of troops will gradually decrease to 8,600 in the next few months.

22 people have been diagnosed with the virus in Afghanistan but no one has been reported


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