US President offers again to play a role in resolving 'Kashmir issue'

US President offers again to play a role in resolving 'Kashmir issue'

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

US President Donald Trump during his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan in Davos once again offered to play a role in resolving 'Kashmir issue'.

On the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the two leaders met in a very cordial atmosphere.

Talking to the media ahead of the formal meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Donald Trump was pleased to meet again, the US President will also discuss the Afghan peace process.

He said that Pakistan wanted peace in the region and would continue to play a role for peace and stability in the region.

He said that the US and Pakistan are on the same page on the issue of Afghanistan while staying in Afghanistan wants peace, Taliban and government issues to be negotiated.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan has a major issue with India, it is hoped that the US will play its part in resolving the issue as no other country can resolve the issues with India.

On this occasion, the US President said that Imran Khan is a friend of mine and was glad to meet him again.

He said that Pakistan and the US have good relations while the two countries have never been so close before.

He said that Imran will talk about the situation in Kashmir during his meeting with Khan; he is closely examining what is happening between Pakistan and India while I can play a role between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue.


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