US President Donald Trump announces peace plan for the Middle East

US President Donald Trump announces peace plan for the Middle East

US President Donald Trump announces peace plan for the Middle East, saying Jerusalem (Jerusalem) will remain Israel's "undisclosed capital," while Palestinians will get capital in East Jerusalem and the West Bank will not be split in half.

Trump stressed that 'Jerusalem will be Israel's most divided, very important, undivided capital'.
The US-sponsored peace plan acknowledged Israeli settlement in the West Bank, as well as a 4-year ban on new settlements in the West Bank.
At a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump said that the Palestinian territories would be doubled.

Donald Trump said the peace plan for the Middle East is 80 pages long.

The US president said Washington would "proudly" open its embassy in the new Palestinian capital.

He claimed that the project would result in a new trade investment of $ 50 billion in Palestine and that if all went well, it could create jobs for one million Palestinians.

"This is an extraordinary and significant development," said Donald Trump.

The US President addressed the Israeli Prime Minister standing near the press conference and said, "Mr Prime Minister, thank you for recognizing this plan."

"I explained to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the territory allocated to his new state would remain open for four years," Trump said.

Palestine believes that any kind of plan will turn Israel's temporary occupation of Palestine into a permanent occupation.

The US president, on the other hand, described the peace plan as a "historic opportunity" for Palestinians to achieve an independent state.

"It may be the last chance," he said.

Donald Trump said Palestinians are suffering from poverty and violence, and terrorists and extremists are using them as peddlers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the project as "extraordinary" and "a realistic path to lasting peace" after the US announced the aforementioned peace plan.

The US president said that "Palestinians deserve a better life".

It was thought that no Palestinian leader was included in the ceremony, but three Arab countries were present at the White House in Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

On the other hand, according to the news agency 'Reuters', Palestinian leaders have refused to engage in any negotiations with the White House following the announcement of the aforementioned project and are expected to not accept the agreement.

In addition to this project, thousands of Palestinians have started protesting on the streets.

To be clear, Trump has been more friendly with Israel than the former US president.

The Trump administration changed its decades-long US foreign policy in November last year when it announced it did not consider Israeli settlement in the West Bank a violation of international law.

It should be noted that the Palestinian Authority (PA) warned Donald Trump's announcement of a Middle East peace plan, saying Israel and the United States should not violate international law that our people would not accept. ۔


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