UN's member states reject US peace plan: Palestine

UN's member states reject US peace plan: Palestine

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the UN Security Council that the world should be rejected by US President Donald Trump calling the Middle East a controversial peace plan as "external domination".

According to foreign news agency AFP, Mahmoud Abbas said the US president's controversial peace plan between Israel and Palestine cannot bring lasting peace.

Taking up a major map of Israel and Palestine in the context of the US president's peace plan on January 28 this year, Mahmoud Abbas said that Trump's peace plan is like a 'Swiss cheese' that would limit Palestinian sovereignty.

The Palestinian president told the Security Council: "I want to tell Donald Trump that his proposed plan cannot achieve peace and security because it abolishes international legal justification."

He said that all rights of Palestinians were abrogated by the US President's controversial peace plan and that it could not fulfil the aspirations of a two-state solution.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed Trump and said, "If you want to impose a peace plan, it cannot be sustained, it cannot be sustained".

"Who gave you the right to annex two lands," he said.

Mahmoud Abbas said peace with Israel was "achievable" and I wanted to establish a partnership.

In addition, he said, "This controversial peace treaty is not an international partnership and the proposal was from a state that had the support of another state to impose it."

The Palestinian president said that the Palestinians want international support against the project.

"I do not know who gave this advice to Trump, and the American president I met was not so," Abbas said.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, US President Donald Trump announced a Middle East peace plan, saying that Jerusalem would be Israel's "undisclosed capital", while Palestinians would receive capital in East Jerusalem and the West Bank in half. I will not be divided.

It should be noted that Israeli settlement in the West Bank has been recognized in the US-sponsored peace plan, as well as a 4-year ban on new settlements in the West Bank.

During a press conference in Washington along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump had said that 'Palestinian-controlled territory would be doubled'.

In the project, the United States also approved Israeli merger of Jordan with strategic importance, which covers 30 percent of the West Bank, and also allowed affiliation with other ghetto settlements.

In response to the plan, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw from security cooperation under the Oslo Accords.

Mahmoud Abbas warned the Israeli prime minister that Palestine is now free from implementing the Oslo Accords.


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