Unparalleled actor Moin Akhtar's 9th birthday

Unparalleled actor Moin Akhtar's 9th birthday

Karachi: Presidential Award-winning actor Moin Akhtar, who ruled over millions of hearts, is celebrating his 9th birthday today.

Moin Akhtar was born in Karachi on December 24, 1950. His first performance was in the stage play 'The Merchant of Venice' based on Shakespeare's novel when he was just 13 years old.

Legendary actor Moin Akhtar was called the Academy of Art because whether it was film or TV or stage drama, he proved his God-given talents in every field. Moin Akhtar's humorous sentences introduced a new aspect of civilization.

According to fellow performers, not only was the actor anonymous, but he was also the name of an era who honored his talent in every field of the arts, and also honored Moin Akhtar with Presidential Medal of Honor for Performance and Star Distinction in recognition of his artistic services, Moin Akhtar's leading TV dramas include Rousey, Wait Wait, Kemari from Bandar Road, Angan Horizon, Studio Two, Studio Pune Three, The Nine Heads and the Train Train, never to be forgotten in this drama.

Many of Moin Akhtar's famous stage plays are still etched in people's minds. For a private channel, the airing of 400 episodes of his satirical and humorous TV shows is also a unique record.

Moin Akhtar died on April 22, 2011, from the closure of the heart, according to fellow artists.


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