Unexpected firing at LoC

Unexpected firing at LoC

In the Foreign Office, South Asia and SAARC Director General (DG) Zahid Hafeez summoned India's Nazim-ul-Amor, who was stationed in Islamabad, on January 11 to record a fierce protest over Indian firing and shelling on the Line of Control.

According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, “Indian Nazim Alam Goru Ahluwalia was summoned and Pakistan strongly condemned the indiscriminate firing and shelling on the Line of Control.

It may be recalled that Indian forces opened fire on LoC's Kot Kotra and Karela sectors January 11, killing 24-year-old Muhammad Ishtiaq, a resident of village Chowki in Khoi Rati district and Tehsil district.

The Foreign Office said in its statement that violations of the ceasefire agreement by India are a threat to the region's peace and stability and could lead to strategic misunderstandings.

The Director-General of South Asia and SAARC called on India to respect the 2003 ceasefire agreement and investigate the violations and other developments in the deal.

He said that India should instruct its forces to follow the ceasefire agreement and maintain peace on the working boundary along the LoC.



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