UN predicts 'hottest season' in 2020

UN predicts 'hottest season' in 2020

The United Nations has warned that this year's temperatures will be much higher than expected, leading to severe weather events.

According to foreign news agency AFP, the last decade was the warmest in terms of temperature.

According to data provided by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a subsidiary of the United Nations, global temperatures have already risen abnormally, leading to melting of ice, rising river levels, sea warming and acidity. Have had serious consequences.

The WMO confirmed last week's European Union research, which revealed that 2019 was the hottest year since 2016.

WMO chief Petteri Taalas pointed to a devastating fire in Australia's several-month-long forest, saying that 'the year 2020 has begun, which has overtaken 2019'.


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