Ummah has no voice today because we are divided : PM Imran Khan

Ummah has no voice today because we are divided : PM Imran Khan

Ummah has no voice today because we are divided'
Talking about the distribution of Muslim Ummah, the Prime Minister said, "There are more than a million Jews in the world but no one can say a word against them because of their influence and power, while the Muslims seem Even though we have a population of one billion 30 million, we have no voice because we are divided. '

He said, "We, the Muslim countries, cannot even say that we should call a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Kashmir. The solution to this problem is that Muslim countries are the voice." "We do not want the unity of the Ummah because we have to fight with anybody, we just want to protect our interests in a way that any human community in the world protects their own interests."

"Because of Islamophobia, I spoke to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York so that we could highlight any issue and create a media that could be Islam," he said. Against these misunderstandings.

The Prime Minister said that the children now have a mobile phone, which is why they have never had as much access to information as before, so it is important that we inform our children about the history of Islam and a different perspective. Present so that they are presented with the true picture of Islam.

"We want our children not to be victims of anti-Islamic propaganda of extremism, and we are still working on the project," he said.


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