Ulema Board Issued a 10-point Code of Conduct for the Establishment of Peace in Muharram

Ulema Board Issued a 10-point Code of Conduct for the Establishment of Peace in Muharram

Posted on Aug 21, 2020

Yesterday, the Ulema Board issued a 10-point code of conduct for the establishment of peace in Muharram. In order to implement the code of conduct, all religious forces of the country at all levels cooperated with the government and national security agencies from the platform of Ulema Board.

Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom, Chairman, Masalak Ulema Board, Jamia Masjid, Kubra, New Samanabad, Lahore, while issuing a code of conduct to the media, said that sectarian riots have hollowed out the foundations of Pakistan as Muharram approaches. Pakistan is the only all-encompassing platform that is active against bullying, racism, and extremism. The key points of the agreed code of conduct are as follows

  1. Sectarianism and terrorism in the name of religion or sect are against Islam and against the law.
  2. Takfir of any Muslim sect is not permissible. The definition of a Muslim in the Constitution of Pakistan is unanimously agreed upon by all dignitaries.
  3. Insulting or insulting any of the holy personalities is a crime. The government should take action against such people.
  4. The scholars should discuss in detail the inter-religious harmony in the programs, ceremonies, and sermons of Muharram on Friday.
  5. In Muharram, Sunnis and Shiites invite each other to their programs to end sectarianism through social relations.
  6. There should be a complete ban on hate speech and riotous speeches in religious magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, social media, etc.
  7. Implement the recommendations of the Islamic Ideological Council, 22 points of the Ulema, and the existing laws in the Constitution of Pakistan for professional harmony.
  8. Religious leaders who spread sectarianism should be stopped from making inflammatory speeches and should be permanently integrated into the national mainstream. The National Action Plan should be fully implemented without any discrimination.
  9. The times of meetings and processions should be observed and an effective system of communication should be established between the government and local officials for the protection of procession routes and places of meetings.
  10. The statement of Ittihad-e-Ummah will be distributed free of cost to the preachers of mosques and leaders of Warkan.

Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom said that committees have been set up at all levels to implement the code of conduct under the Board of Masalak Ullama which will play its full role in dealing with any emergency situation. Has appealed to the Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries, IGs, Home Secretaries, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, and Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan to cooperate for full implementation of the Code of Conduct.


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