UK's General Election Ruling Conservative Party Managed to Win

UK's General Election Ruling Conservative Party Managed to Win

In the UK's general election, the ruling Conservative Party managed to win 326 of the 650 parliamentary seats, and more results are in the process.

According to foreign news agencies, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says British citizens have given the Conservative Party government a "new and powerful mandate" to unite Brexit and the country.

The exit polls and preliminary results in this regard indicate that the Conservative Party is nearing a historic victory in Thursday's elections.

Of the 650 seats in the British parliament, the Conservative Party is predicted to win 368 seats, which will be the biggest victory in three decades.

The results so far have resulted in 600 of the 650 seats in which the Conservatives won 326 seats.

It is to be noted that this is the third general election in the UK in less than 5 years, which took place in December for the first time in 100 years.

The message that was clearly conveyed in Boris Johnson's campaign during the election campaign was to complete the Brexit process, while the Labour Party focused its campaign on the promise of spending extra money on the Public Service and the National Health Service.

Following this victory, the Conservative Party's Boris Johnson became the largest electoral successor leader after Margaret Thatcher.

The Conservatives have had such great success in the recent elections since the Margaret Thatcher era in 1987, and the Labor Party has the lowest number of seats since 1935.

Prior to the election, 10th Street had said that if Boris Johnson returned to the prime minister's office, the cabinet would have a slight change.

The second debate on the emission contract bill from the European Union will take place on December 20, with Briggs completed on January 31.

The situation of the opposition parties
On the other hand, for the leftist Labour Party leader, Criminal Corbyn, these elections proved disastrous, which led to calls for resignation before the results were finalized.

Corbyn said the election results were "very disappointing" for his party and would not head the Labour Party in the upcoming elections.

In addition, the Liberal Democrats, the anti-Brexit party, were also disappointed with about 13 seats being predicted, while the party won 12 seats two years ago.

In the recent elections, the leaders of two opposition parties also lost, including Liberal Democrats chief Joe Sons, who lost his seat to the Scottish National Party (SNP).

On the other hand, Nigel Dodds, head of the Democratic Party of the North Island, also lost his seat.

In addition, Zak Gold Smith, brother of former Pakistani Prime Minister Jemima Gold Smith, failed to win his seat.

Increase in value of pounds
On the prospect of British Prime Minister Boris Johns succeeding once again in the elections, he is hopeful that he will fulfill his promise to complete the break.

Given the situation after which the value of the pounds increased by 2% against the dollar value, the highest increase in the past year and a half.

It is understood that since the referendum for the EU expulsion in the UK in 2016, there has been uncertainty among investors and businesses who are confident that the Conservatives' success will be completed soon.


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