Two rockets were fired in the green zone in Baghdad

Two rockets were fired in the green zone in Baghdad

Two rockets were fired in the green zone in Baghdad after Iran attacked US military bases in Iraq.

Security sources said late on Wednesday that 2 rockets landed in the green zone, where there are foreign embassies, including the US mission, according to a French news agency AFP report.

According to the report, shortly before midnight, a representative of the news agency heard the sound of two major blasts in Baghdad, after which a security siren sounded in the green zone.

It is to be noted that the attacks came about 24 hours after the ballistic missile attacks on US and other coalition forces' base in Iraq by Tehran.

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The attacks on Iran yesterday were a response to the US airstrike that killed General Qasim Sulaimani and the Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Mohandas, the head of the Quds Force of the Iranian Soldiers Revolution.

The Abu Mahdi al-Mohandas was a deputy head of al-Shahad al-Shabaabi, one of the armed groups in the Iraqi state, while the group also has close ties with Tehran.

It is to be noted here that the US accused Al-Shahad al-Shabi of rocket attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad and the influx of US troops throughout the country.

In addition, on Wednesday, al-Shahadab al-Shababi said he would avenge the US invasion.

In addition, Paramilitary Chief Qais al-Ghazali, who has been blacklisted by the US as a terrorist, said that Iraq's response to the US would not be 'less than Iran's response'.


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