Turkey will send his troops to Libya next month

Turkey will send his troops to Libya next month

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an has announced that he will send his troops to Libya next month at Tripoli's request.

Libya's globally recognized government has been fighting against General Khalifa Haftar for more than a month in eastern Libya, where General Haftar has the support of the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Egypt.

Last month, Turkey signed two agreements with the Libyan government, one based on security and military cooperation, and the other in relation to the Maritime borders in the eastern Mediterranean.

Addressing the leaders of his party, He said,

"We have received an invitation which we accept. We will present the bill to send the Libyan army to Parliament as soon as possible, after which the law will become law from 8 to 9 January and we will send the army." Will be able to

Turkey has been pointing to the new campaign for several weeks, and with the launch of the mission, Turkey's military campaigns will expand further, where Turkey launched a campaign against Kurdish militia in northeast Syria three months ago. What was

Turkey has already surrendered to Libya despite UN sanctions on arms delivery.

On Wednesday, Erdogan visited Tunisia in which Tunisian neighbour Libya discussed other issues, including cooperation for siege fire, and on Thursday the two countries declared full support for Libya's globally-approved government. ۔

Tensions with Russia

Meanwhile, Russia expressed its reservations over possible military assistance from Turkey to Libya, on which the Turkish president took a half-hearted hand over Russia's assistance to General Haftar.

He said that Russia itself is in Libya with 2000 Wagner fighters to assist Saturday, as he called by the government? no. They are all helping the Saturday while we have accepted the invitation from a legal government, the difference between the two of us.



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