Trump set to threaten to target Iranian cultural sites

Trump set to threaten to target Iranian cultural sites

Posted on Jan 6, 2020

US President Donald Trump is on the verge of threatening to target Tehran's cultural sites following the announcement of Iran's response to the death of Commander Qasim Sulaimani.

According to a report by the British news agency Reuters, US President Donald Trump has warned that a "major retaliation" will be taken if Iran attacks in response to the assassination of a military commander.

While Donald Trump is warning Iran, on the other hand, the US president and his advisers are defending the US drone strike that resulted in the killing of Iranian military commander Qasim Sulaimani and increased tensions in the region.

Donald Trump said Qasim Sulaimani was planning to attack the Americans, adding that he would consider releasing intelligence reports that led to the assassination of the Iranian commander.

Regarding Iran's possible retaliation, the US president said, "If that happens, if they do something, there will be a big retaliation."

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected Donald Trump's threat to target Iranian cultural targets, but when asked about the US president in this regard, he opposed Mike Pompeo's statement.

The US president said: "They are allowed to use bombs on the streets and to blow up our people and we are not even allowed to touch their cultural sites?" It will not work. '

It may be recalled that the US President had stated in various tweets on social networking website Twitter that 'Qasim Sulaimani was also attacking our embassy and was preparing attacks in other places'.

At the same time, he said, "Iran has been a problem for many years and it is considered a threat that if Iran attacks US or US assets we will target 52 Iranian targets".

Donald Trump said that "some of these 52 goals are very important and high level for Iran and Iranian culture and these targets will be a big blow to Iran, the US does not want to make any more threats".

It should be noted that under the Hague Convention 1954 on International Law and the UN Security Council resolution and the protection of cultural property, targeting cultural sites with military action is considered a war crime.

The UN Security Council resolution in this regard was supported by the Trump administration in 2017




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