Trump named the Coronavirus a 'Chinese virus'

Trump named the Coronavirus a 'Chinese virus'

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

Trump named the Coronavirus a 'Chinese virus'

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump criticized China for the deadliest virus, calling it a "Chinese virus."

According to details, after the outbreak of the pandemic virus, the virus that engulfs the world worldwide, Covid-19 has opened a literal war between China and the United States once again.

US President Donald Trump has criticized Chinese media for criticizing himself after China has been targeted by its literal constellations, calling it Coronavirus a Chinese virus

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Trump has named the Coronavirus a Chinese virus after criticism of the Chinese media, remember that Chinese media had been criticizing US President Trump over the Coronavirus being overthrown.

It may be recalled that after the pandemic virus, the Coronavirus has engulfed 162 countries, bringing the death toll to 7,171.

The Coronavirus outbreak has so far suffered 1, 82, 598 people worldwide, On the other hand, 79,881 people have recovered from this disease.



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