Tremendous recovery after a recession in the Pakistan stock market

Tremendous recovery after a recession in the Pakistan stock market

Tremendous recovery after a recession in Pakistan stock market

KARACHI: The Pakistan stock market saw a strong recovery after the recession, recovered 1418 points in the 100 indexes and 265 points remain in the index.

According to details, the stock market continued to bear a volatile trend today, with the 100 indexes falling to 1685 points in the last trading week and 100 indexes reaching 34,273 points, causing investors to lose billions.

The trading was stopped for the third time in a week due to severe recession, However, after the halt, the index saw a recovery of one thousand points.

At the end of the first session, the index fell by six hundred five-point And the Hundred Index came in at 35000, 351 points.

In the second session, the stock market index of the Pakistani stock market recovered more than 1400 points, after which the index remains lost 265 points. The index is trading at 35 thousand six hundred and fifty-one points.

On the other hand, the global stock markets are not calling for a severe decline, Asian stock markets recorded a severe decline at the end of trading.

In the Japanese stock market, eleven hundred and fifty points, the Hong Kong stock market recorded a decline of three hundred twenty-four points, while All the Chinese stock markets also remained in a slump during trading.

In European stock markets saw a boom in business start-up, one hundred seventy points in the British stock market, one hundred eighty points in the German market And the French stock market recorded an increase of one hundred three points.

The severe stock was recorded after a 45-minute halt in the Pakistan stock market yesterday, with the 100 indexes closing at 35,956 points after falling more than 1700 points.

The downturn in the stock market was the largest ever since July 11, 2017; the stock market declined 4.65 percent on July 11, 2017.


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