Train service between Taftan and Quetta closed

Train service between Taftan and Quetta closed

Minister of Railways also stopped the train service between Quetta and Taftan for an indefinite period following the closure of the Pak-Iran border in Taftan in view of the Coronavirus spreading to Iran.

The railway minister issued a video message saying that all four trains running a month between Quetta, Tifatan have returned and it has now been decided that these trains will not run unannounced.

The trains will remain closed until the border opens, he said.

He informed the public that they can withdraw their luggage and other items in the reservation.

The Coronavirus has been confirmed in 95 people, including Deputy Health Minister Arjur Hirschi and Member of Parliament in Iran, while at least 16 people have been killed by the virus.

Pakistan temporarily closed its border with the neighbouring country after the Coronavirus killed in Iran.

The Balochistan government also banned travel of pilgrims from Pakistan to Iran.

On the directives of the Chief Minister of the province, Jamal Kamal, the Provincial Department of Disaster has established a 100-bed tent hospital at the inspection site of crossing the Pak-Iran border.

Last day, Pakistani authorities allowed 306 Iranian nationals to return to their homeland, opening the Pak-Iran border for only four-and-a-half hours. Appealing to take steps to return


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