Trade officers will work on the cancellation of export orders

Trade officers will work on the cancellation of export orders

Islamabad: Textile exporters are not impressed by the Ministry of Commerce's proposal to use Pakistani trade officers' offices stationed at the embassies to help foreign buyers cancel their orders.

The proposal was made by Secretary of Commerce Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera through a tweet on Monday.

In response, Pakistani Ambassador's business officers in New York and The Hague tweeted their phone numbers and email addresses and invited exporters to contact.

According to some textile exporters' associations, orders worth almost $ 1 billion to foreign buyers have either been canceled or postponed.

He is convinced that the governments of his competing countries have issued such high-level appeals to the foreign buyers as the Prime Minister and have felt that commercial officers at embassies are not capable of changing the thinking of large corporations.

Ijaz A. Khokhar, a chief coordinator of the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA), says the message needs to be sent from the highest level, even to the Prime Minister.

He said that global buyers have been appealed to India and Bangladesh not to cancel or postpone orders as it will affect labor and more people will go below the poverty level.

He said that 'the Indian textile minister gave a very strong message to the global buyers, such messages should also be received by our prime minister and trade adviser'.

Receiving these orders is not an easy task, he pointed out.

Khurram Mukhtar, Pattern In Chief of the Pakistan Textile Exporters Association, told that "there is no point in trying."

Orders are being postponed or canceled at stores that have stopped operations after the Coronavirus outbreak, he said.

These include retailers such as the indie tax group JC Penney, Macy's, H&M, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nike, Peak Cock, American Eagle and Ikea.

In addition, hotel business buyers also postponed their imports from Pakistan.

The airlines and hotel industry have been the most affected by the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide.


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