Thousands of Pakistanis look forward to returning from the UAE

Thousands of Pakistanis look forward to returning from the UAE

Following the stern action due to Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) More than 20,000 Pakistanis are waiting to return.

According to a foreign news agency 'Reuters' report, the number of Coronavirus cases in the United Arab Emirates has reached 1,799 cases while 10 affected people have been killed and the government is gradually tightening sanctions.

The UAE government has imposed curfew at the country level, passenger flights are also suspended and Dubai has imposed restrictions on lockdown and other restrictions.

According to the report, Dubai is home to people from South Asia where citizens have been detained in homes since March 31, while coronavirus tests are being carried out in different parts of the United Arab Emirates.

A spokesman for the Pakistan Consulate told Reuters that more than 20,000 Pakistanis have registered in the consulate since April 3.

He said that those who register at the expiry of the visa include all those who have lost their jobs or their salaries from their companies and who have come on a visiting visa.

According to a Pakistani official, more than 1 million Pakistanis are based in the UAE in relation to employment.

Pakistani authorities are in touch with the UAE administration to arrange flights to take their citizens back home, the consulate said.

The UAE government suspended flights last month, but Emirates and Alliance Airlines have been quoted this week as saying that they are reserving specific foreign flights to these people. Who wants to return from the United Arab Emirates.

Both airlines have not been asked nor issued a statement regarding any flight to Pakistan.

According to a report by the Dubai Gulf News newspaper, thousands of people were gathered outside the Pakistani consulate and demanding a return home despite lockdown nationwide in the United Arab Emirates.

A spokesman for the Pakistani consulate said the police dispersed the crowd because they were violating the lockdown.

The United Arab Emirates government imposed a curfew on March 26 and extended it until April 5 last week.

Later on April 5, security measures were announced to extend the night curfew in public places indefinitely.

Citizens were instructed by the government not to leave their homes during the process, while sporadic sprays were started in other areas including roads, streets, parks, and public transport.

The state news agency said in the report that 'the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior has announced a national disinfection program' but did not specify when the process would end.


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