The zoo Lion in New York is also a victim of the Coronavirus

The zoo Lion in New York is also a victim of the Coronavirus

America's most affected state is New York A zoo lion also became infected with the Coronavirus.

New York City is currently the most affected city with the Coronavirus, where the number of patients exceeds one million and the death toll reaches 3,000.

In New York City alone, the number of victims or those killed is higher than those affected and killed in China.

By the morning of April 6, across the United States, including New York, the number of patients had increased to 373,000, while the death toll had risen to more than 9,600.

Similarly, by the morning of April 6, the number of patients increased to more than 12,76,000 while the death toll had increased to 69000.

Animals have also been affected by this outbreak, where humans have been most affected by Corona worldwide, and experts have already warned that Corona has affected cats, dogs, poultry, pigs and other animals. 

Where Corona was first diagnosed with the first cat in Europe in the world last month, Corona has also been diagnosed with the world's first lioness in the United States.

According to the US broadcaster CNN, the test was done after a positive outbreak of the Coronavirus in New York's Bronx Zoo lizard.

The report states that Corona's lioness is 4 years old and at the same time five other zoos of the zoo have also got sick and they have started showing symptoms similar to Corona but they have been exposed.

Other sick animals were also tested, the report said, but they did not diagnose coronas.

Zoo organizers say Corona's victim is Nadia, who is four years old and was ill for the past week.

According to the zoo staff, the lioness was having trouble breathing while she had other symptoms found in the corona, which caused her to be isolated from other animals and tested.



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